How Bloomosity Can Help

Charlene will help you uncover the source of your low self-esteem and confidence. Combining talk therapy with body therapy, you will gain insight into the parts of you that need care. She may lead you through exercises that are thinking-based, or she may help you interpret the senses arising in your body that are related.

Through this work, you will be able to connect with your authentic, true self and feel confident and connected to the flow of life.

Causes of Low Self-Esteem

Charlene believes that low self-esteem and confidence relates to losing connection with our true, authentic selves.

Through our life, the verbal or non-verbal messages we have received from others has shaped the way we think about ourselves. These messages from parents, friends, and others, often become internalized that we are somehow deficient. This shows up as critical, internalized self-talk and can sound like:

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m not attractive enough”

“I’m not out-going enough”

The list goes on and on. Underneath is a pervasive sense of shame of not being enough. That is, a sense of not being loveable, just the way we are.

Parts of Psyche

Along the course of our life, we have learned that being our true, authentic self leads to too much vulnerability. We may have been hurt or shamed by others for showing our true selves to them.

To protect against feelings of shame from the belief that we are not enough, parts of our psyche develop in ways to protect us. For example, these parts may be strong, controlling, over-thinking, angry, addictive, over-achieving, or people-pleasing.

There are many different parts that can show up and while they have helped us get through life, they have also disconnected us from our authentic self.

Our Authentic Self

Parts of our psyche have developed to help us live our lives. But there is something else within you that is even more powerful that these parts, and that is your true, authentic self.

Your true, authentic self is often not easy to reach because the parts seem so prevalent and persistent. Through therapy, we will work on connecting you to your authentic self.

Connection To Authentic Self

When you are connected to your authentic true self, you can:

  •  Tell your parts that you are okay. You can let them know that you are fine and loveable just the way you are.
  • Feel confident, courageous, clear, calm, curious, creative, and carefree! You are in the flow of life.
  • See the path you need to take.
  • Be in control of your life and your choices.